Spring /Summer Hats: What’s in in 2020 ?

Thanks to nearly every 2020 Fashion Week runway, hats are huge in 2020 and there are so many “ in” styles that you are bound to find one or even more that you can’t leave the house without!

Now thats seriously great for your skin and health!

Our beautiful straw hats are designed to our exacting standards in Melbourne, Australia with our Australian way of life in mind. Now for what’s in in 2020!

1. The Panama / Fedora

From singers to celebrities, royalty ( eg Megan Markle ) to Musicians, this classic hat has been and always is in vogue, probably because it’s functional and stylish. Because it truly is the hat with the mostest, we have produced it in two sizes in a Foldable travel version, a 100% Wheat large version, a fabulous Ultrawide brim 100% Wheat Straw both in Natural and Black straw and in a 100% handmade Seagrass !

In 2020 there is no reason for you not to rock this trend the way you want to. Just like that jumpsuit or denim shorts you throw on without a second thought, this hat will be your go-to for topping off all your ensembles.

Photos credits @hairflairaus, @pinterest.@harpersbazaar @dior

7cm 100 % Wheat Unisex Large With grossgrain ribbon

7cm Foldable in Premium Paper Straw- L with black grossgrain ribbon

7cm Foldable in Premium Paper Straw- M with black grossgrain ribbon

10cm 100 % Wheat Ultra Brim - natural

10cm 100 % Wheat Ultra Brim - Black with black grossgrain ribbon

100 % Seagrass handmade Fraye Fedora

2. The Boater

If you're on the search for a beautiful classic straw hat this is one of our favourites. It will complement all your warm-weather outfits, from linen pants and summer dresses to blouses and denim shorts. Again with such a stable we have produced several variations. If you are lookimg for a classic that reads pretty and cute go no further than our 100% Madagascan Raffia hats with optional ribbon black or offwhite . For a stylish Unisex look, our 100 % Seagrass handwoven 7cm boater cant be passed by and for the ultimate in Wow with bathers, dresses or whatever, our 100 % Seagrass Woven boater and 100 % Seagrass boater with Fraye edge are sublime . Don’t forget too, this might just be the most versatile of hats. Add or subtract a ribbon, scarf or broach depending on the occasion.

Photo credits @hairflairaus @dior

Photo credits @hairflairaus @dior, @harpersbazaar

100 % Madagascan Raffia Boater with Fraye edge and optional ribbon - black

100% Madagascab Raffia Boater with Fraye edge and optional ribbon - off white

100% Seagrass handmade Boater - 7 cm

100% Seagrass handmade Woven Boater

100% Seagrass handmade Fraye Boater- 13 cm

100 % Wheat Straw Tie hat black

100 % Wheat Straw Tie hat natural

3. The Floppy Kentucky

If you like statement hats, then you need this in your closet. This floppy brim accessory is gorgeous to pair with flowy summer dresses, a pant suit, suit jacket , to take to the races or to lie in next to the pool. When premium materials are used and manufactured well, this sublime elegant hat can take you anywhere. Wear natural with a suit jacket or dress up with a ribbon or a scarf . Whether you chose the added texture of our 100 % Madagascan Raffia Kentucky 16 cm with grossgrain black ribbon or the fine handweave of our 15cm Premium Paper Straw Kentucky’s at 15cm you will wow in both quality and class. Photo credit @pinterest