Essential Guide To Hair Lockdown

We are all facing unprecedented times where it is so unbelievably important to stay at home and think of those around us who are more vulnerable.  So the HairFlair team thought it could be a real positive to put together some of the fabulous accessories we believe are essential during lockdown, or at the least will make you feel good about your hair and yourself in the days, weeks and months to come. 

We are in this together and hope HairFlair can bring a tiny bit of happiness!!

1.  The "Solve every bad hair day" Hair Claw

Nothing fixes a bad hair look as easily as the HairFlair hair claw. Returned to high fashion by the likes of Bella Hadid , Kylie Jenner and the models of Alexander Wang, the hair claw is perfect for ladies wanting effortless class. Twist your hair in a pony then bend it up against your head and attach. We love using the open jaw of the hair claw as a comb to add that tidy combed look on one side before snap. Try leaving some hair out the top for some softness or wind excess hair back down again before snapping for a super tidy look. There's always the half up too! Effortless class and practicality!


2  Cosmos " Must Have"  Twisted Suede Elastic Headband

According to Cosmo,  2020 brings a hair trend of silky, smooth accessories across relaxed look hair do's such as the twisted elastic headband. This versatile accessory can be worn to hold all hair back (and perfectly cover the hair regrowth line during lockdown) or can be placed slightly behind with soft strays framing your face for a softer more feminine look. Hair down, or hair up in a ponytail, it doesn't matter - this look is decidedly IN and simple to achieve!

Twisted Suede Elastic Headband



3. The Elevated Pony/Bun 

Everyone’s go-to hairstyle has been taken to an all new level by celebrities, influencers and US with a classic 90’s favourite, the scrunchie. HairFlair has searched the globe for the most fabulous scrunchies from cute fluffy faux fur scruchie sets, to volume linen sets and the scrumptious silk scrunchie. Silk is perfect to wear during the day yet also to bed to prevent breakages and frizz!

HairFlair Scrunchies


4. The Beanie Pony 

Nothing hides a root line in the colder months better than the on trend Beanie Pony!! A perfect on trend way to carry you from the inside table to the backyard when the colder weather arrives. Five colours to choose from! We also have fab Knitted Headbands which will achieve a similar look.


5. The Tony Burch On trend look for 2020 

If you needed further proof that the hair comb is the 2020 trend, you need go no further than the models of the Tony Burch show according to Cosmo. Whilst the look he achieved on the runways was a loosely inspired lady Di look with a comb either side, the simple hair comb can also be worn as we prefer at the back of the head. Why we love it? With HairFlair's Acetate Hair Combs which are flexible and not brittle, we can design the teeth close together so even the thinest of hair can be held any a single comb without breaking the teeth.

Draw one side of your hair back using the last tooth of the comb, use your fingers on the other side to pull it back grabbing it with the other side of the comb then push the comb in to hold. Voila, tight classy looking half up hair style at the back!! (NB our zinc alloy metal combs are also strong and flexible enough to achieve this look) . 

HairFlair Hair Combs