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The Look for 2020! 7 ways to wear a Hairscarf !

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

The ultimate accessory for 2020 is undoubtedly the hair scarf. Flowy and feminine, casual or dressy, they are being worn free around pony tails knots, half "up dos", as turbans or threaded through a plait as evidenced at NY Fashion Week. A "Must have" look for 2020 according to Harpers Bazaar but also ideal for a quick happy pick me up with friends and family, a flirty dinner or a brilliant distraction from regrowth or unwashed hair!

For those of you who are stuck for inspiration, we hope these tips inspire you to get creative and experiment with scarves.



pony tail

1. High, Medium or Low Pony Tail

The classic Ponytail tie is the easiest scarf style to achieve. Simply put your hair in a ponytail, knot the scarf around the base and let the ends hang down. Our elongated Diamond shape scarves are perfect for this look as they dispense with the added bulk in the places you dont want it! High or low pony the effect is chic and as fabulous as the scarf you put in it!!


half hairscarf

3. Half " Up do"

To give your 1/2 up a sweet styling apply a silk scarf to the base of your 1/2 do. We prefer to use a simple hairband underneath so that the scarf can be tied loosely for a flirty, feminine look . We love both the effect of letting the ends hang loose and tying a loose bow . If finishing with a bow, ensure you spread out the material with your fingers at the knot of the bow to finish .

braid scarf

4. The Plait/ Braid

How cool is the scarf plait? This funky, out of the box look was the "it" look at the latest NY Fashion parades! So how to achieve it? All you have to do is use the scarf as a mock extension" of the hair .

So, firstly ensure that the scarf you are working with is a little longer than your hair - all the HairFlair hair scarves are extra long. The easiest way to achieve this look is to tie the scarf around the base of the ponytail, 1/2 knot facing down under the pony but you can also attach it with a bobby pin or clip where you would start to plait or braid. Use the scarf as the first section, divide the rest of the hair in two and weave /braid as normal. Tie a bow at the bottom or 1/2 knot and leave it hanging and thats it !

NB: For a variation, wrap the plait in a bun or style it as a milkmaid style . Eye-catching !


5. The Turban

This is such a great bold & chic style and we love it when our hair is not optimally clean! There are a number of ways to achieve this style . Our favourite is to fold the scarf in half, put the half way point at the back just below the hairline, then cross the scarf over at the front and tuck the ends under. Another option is to actually tie a knot at the top of your head and tuck the ends under. A fabulous look for any hair length or thickness.

messy bun

6. The Messy Bun

Super easy to achieve this style . Throw your hair up in a messy top knot our bun and simply wrap the scarf around the base to achieve an effortlessly chick look .Leave out the ends or tuck them under as you wish


Well there you have it . Some fun new ways to style hair scarves in your hair this season! Dont forget too . All our Hairscarves can be worn as Neckties too . Thats a whole other tutorial !!


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