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Really ? Sunglass Chains Revamp in 2020 !

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Yes you heard right. Coming at you with another "grandma" trend. Sunglass chains have officially recieved the high fashion seal of approval and are having such a moment that we couldn't not include them in this years accessory offering. What are they ? Essentially jewelry for your sunglasses and this trend is super in and fun. We're seeing these chains emerge in everything from sophisticated pearls and playful beads, retro acrylics and classic gold chains, so if you needed another reason to raid your grandma's closet, this is it. Whats more, grab her 70’s sunnies while youre at it- they're back in vogue too!

Check out our favourite eyewear chains below and shop the look at HairFlair Aus

1. Sunglass Chains with Pearls

Sunglass chains with Pearls brought a pretty vintage elegance to Fashion Week

Our Favourite: Chanel’s metal black frames with pearl chain- $1140 for sunglasses and chain below : Photo credit @chanel @marieclaire

Sunglass Chain
Sunglass Chain

Shop the look:

2. Acrylic retro oversized

This season, if you didn’t know already, retro style got a chic revival overseas , from vintage inspired high waisted jeans and hairscarves, to fabulous colourful huge sunglasses . Eyewear chains have officially evolved from strictly functional to full-blown fashionable. Gucci’s eyewear chain with oversized links became one of the most talked-about accessories of the season and most definately their standout trend from the Gucci spring/ summer 2020 show at Milan Fashion Week . At $340 it’s a bargain ! It may or may not be for you but its certainly standout Fabulous ! Photo credit for Photos on RHS @marieclaire @pinterest . Photos on LHS @HairFlair Aus

Sunglass Chain

Shop the look :

3. Acrylic medium

If you are keen on trying the fabulous Gucci look but want an easier to wear size for Spring/Summer, HairFlair Aus brings you a more subtle size range in fabulous colours :

Sunglass Chain


4. Metal Chain

We LOVE the branded metal street style look of Fendi but at $890 its not for everyone and without the branding it could be termed a little austere. To soften the harshness in an attractive stylish way we have opted for a small metal ball detail on our gold, rosegold and silver chains. Delicate and pretty.

Metal Chain

Shop the look:

There you have it. If you love a fashion statement or just a fashionable way to ensure you don't lose your glasses, Sunglass Chains are back in 2020 with a style that's right for you ! 😎

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Tania Hird xx

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