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NEW LAUNCH: Tania Hird Designed Embellished Headbands!✨

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Limited Edition Headbands

We are excited to introduce our brand new range of 100% Linen & 100% Satin Embellished Headbands by HairFlair Aus. Each one is lovingly designed by Tania Hird and the headbands painstakingly hand sewn and finished by artisans in India. To celebrate the new launch we had a chat with the designer and founder of HairFlair Aus to find out more about this beautiful range.


I always loved making, sewing, designing and being creative from a young age. My mum sent me to sewing lessons in primary school and exposed me to all sorts of arty pursuits - I even made my Deb Frock in year 12! I painted houses my mum would renovate. I remember riding my bike to bid for my mum at a house auction since I was desperate to renovate at just 15. I baked, sewed and redesigned almost anything I came across.

University, musical pursuits and Law School changed my direction for a time and saw me renovating and channelling my design bent in my free time in other ways. I designed and made our Wedding cake, special occasion cakes for family and friends and I even designed and made my daughters early " French inspired clothes" - I think I was the first and only new mum who asked for a sewing machine to be brought into the hospital on day 2 of Stephanie’s birth! I took art lessons when pregnant with my second, bought second hand French furniture at Flea markets that I would rejuvenate, and I designed, renovated and landscaped homes, apartment buildings and offices.

HairFlair Aus began when I was really needing the familiar comfort of creativity at a difficult time in my families' life. I became effectively a single mother for some time and as I drove four children between activities and spent a lot of time in the car, I began making positive mantra Charm ties and decorative hairties. I initially made these because I hated the supermarket ties my daughter would wear to tennis on her wrist and also to brighten peoples day, including my own. After some time I realised that good quality hair accessories were scarce in Australia so I expanded. Travel taught me much but ultimately the base was my Mum. She always looked classy and well put-together. She bought good quality timeless pieces and people often commented on how beautiful & well accessorised she was.


I was really disappointed in the range and quality of hair accessories in Australia. I felt that there were so many occasions when Australian women could use quality hair accessories, but the ones I saw in stores and online were either poorly made, unattractive or frightfully expensive. The practical me decided that it was time to use my passion for design by creating, manufacturing, and importing beautiful accessories at an affordable price for the Modern Australian Woman. I designed & manufactured a few, cold called some stores and it spiralled from there!


I am always on the look-out for quality fabrics. At the moment I am in love with the texture and durability of linen. It doesn't seem to matter how often you wear it it just gets softer and better with wearing and the texture remains. It has a quality and casualness that is unmatched in other fabrics! In this in and out of lockdown period in Australia, when we don't know when we will be able to attend special gatherings but still want to feel special, it seems a great fit. I also added satin Leopard as I fell in love with a particular material that I just couldn't leave behind!


The structural design in combination with the material is the mutual starting point for headbands. I work with the artisans to get the style exactly as I want. The way the headband sits on the head and shapes the face is all important. I prefer a flat to the head style so I design even a twist elastic headband so that the second layer of fabric sits flat over the underneath fabric. Everything I design must have no seams showing and be fully lined, I think a hang up from my dressmaking days. Structured headbands must also suit multiple face structures. Having an oval face, a headband that doesn't have too much height is preferable. That's why our knotted structured headbands are designed to be flatter against the head with a softness to frame the face. Our Beaded Headbands are modelled on the stunning Indian Shape of Headbands but have been narrowed and elongated to be more flattering to all women including those with a narrower face, like me, who prefer to wear hair around it.

After the structure is worked through I look to the highlights I want to achieve, I plan out the design, determine the beads that I like and work with the artisans for their input on the beads best able to produce the look I'm seeking!



I love them all for different reasons and different moods and looks. I think my personal standouts are our Sophia Leopard Handbeaded headband partly because I came upon this beautiful satin quite by accident. Once hooked though, the selection of antique gold beads and the luxury of this look took over. I also love the Charlotte White Handbeaded Headband. I love the combination of the linen texture and casualness of the Matt beads. I see myself pairing it with everything this Summer, from Denim right through to a gown or at the Races!


I love seeing my headbands on someone for a special occasions but I think they stand out when paired with simple outfits. I hope women create their own look with our Headbands and own them!

A headband can really finish off an outfit. We hope you love our new HairFlairAus designs


beautiful headbands

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