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Natural Beauty

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Natural Beauty

I just love the outdoors and hiking in nature.

So much fun jumping from rock ledges, swimming in rock pools, and hiking in the stunning surrounds of the Kondillia National Park.

But the heat and humidity absolutely calls for hair up in hair ties, a hat, tonnes of sunscreen, and a good bottle of water!

With these Hair Flair watermelon hair ties, I'm now ready for walking, swimming and just feeling fresh, great and fabulous.

Hair Flair Watermelon Hair Ties

Try to get a moment to walk in nature.

Smell the air, wonder at the incredible longevity and adaptation of the rainforests, and breathe the air and peace.

So, so much therapeutic natural beauty around us, that costs nothing to enjoy.

Tania Hird x


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Hair Flair Watermelon Hair Ties

Features: Hair Flair watermelon hair ties. A Watermelon selection of 5 elastic hair ties including white, light coral, flamingo/coral, lime green, bright green

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