How to wear haircombs - They're Back in 2020!

If you have any doubt that the haircomb has made a resurgence in 2020, look no further than Cosmo and the models at the Tory Burch show who were wearing them side style a.k.a Lady Diana.

As a frequent user of haircombs to achieve the 1/2 up style, it always surprises me when I am asked how to achieve this simple look and how many people try to use the haircomb upside down! So the HairFlair Aus team thought some simple steps to follow could be helpful so you can achieve these effortless looks with “ kind on your hair” haircombs. “

1. The Side Style ( aka Lady Diana)

Many variations can be achieved with this style depending on whether you use one or two combs, where you define your part, the amount of hair you wish to pull back and the angle at which you draw your hair back. The best look for you will require experimentation ! In each case the process is simple :

1. Brush your hair out

2. Position the comb pointing the teeth down at an angle towards the hairline from above your ear upwards

3. Comb the hair back before pushing the teeth in the opposite direction to hold. Voila!

Our Favourites: HairFlairs 8cm Acetate cellulose tortoiseshell comb which comes in 4 colours However if just using one comb for a special night out try HairFlairs transparent or black acetate haircombs with crystals.

Remember to always buy acetate cellulose rather than acrylic or plastic when purchasing haircombs . The flexibility of the material will provide superior hold and can be designed with the teeth closer together. In addition the teeth are more durable - a haircomb doesn't look or do what it needs too with its teeth broken or missing!! Photo @Cosmopoliton


2. The Half Up.

This is my personal “go to” when my hair is clean but just isn’t sitting quite right around my face. Again variations to the look can be achieved depending on whether you want your part to be seen( and draw only from the sides), or brush it together and whether you want to create height at the top ( in which case you create that height before you push in the haircomb). Pull out some fringe or wisps to frame your face or don't. There are two ways to achieve this look:

1. Take equal sections of your hair from both sides of your head.

2. Pull the hair back towards the centre of your head with each hand as if you are going to put in a hair elastic.

3. Push the haircomb upwards firmly to hold the hair in place.

NB : you can also twist each side section before bringing together for a lovely variation ( see below)

OR ( and our preference if not twishing your hair)

1. Use your hand to pull back only one side section of hair from your ear to center back

2. Use the comb to comb back the Other side section of hair to meet it.

3. Cross the comb with the hair in it over the hand held section and push up firmly


Our Favourites: For a casual look we love matching our haircomb to the Jewelley we are wearing with our unique zinc alloy haircombs . Gold, Matt Gold, Silver, Matt silver, Hematite and Rose Gold

For a more Parisian look we love HairFlairs tortoiseshell or crystal embedded 8 cm haircombs .

NB If you have particularly thick hair you may wish to use HairFlairs 10cm 23 teeth oversized haircomb