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Hairclip/barrette trends in 2020 !

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

According to Cosmo, Glamour & Harpers Bazaar, the hairpin & Barrette are “in“ in 2020 and the great news is that most of those hairpins you bought in 2019 are still on trend in 2020 !

Read on for the few minor amendments

1. Bobbypins

For Bobbypins, in 2020 , it’s all about layering. Bobbypins are more elegant, dainty grips, perfectly styled in groups. High end pins designed by the creative geniuses of jewellry houses are more often than not jewellry for the hair with crystals, pearls, gems and coloured flowers. Don't be afraid to style something ornate with more understated simple varieties.

The most popular pin mid 2020 seems to be the bobby with a single pearl. Again layer it to perfection !


Pink and Blue Gems

Bees and Flowers Hairpins

For more statement pieces Try our new Crystal Stars or have fun with words

Crystal Start Bobbies
Rhinestone Words

From last years collection , pearls are still very much in with the emphasis on straight lines.

Silver Bobbies

And for elegant colour don't forget our very popular Acetate line bobbies which come in subtle turtles and a wide range of striking pearl colours !


2. Barrettes

Barrettes, like many of the trends of the 80s and 90s, have made a comeback in 2020. They are more geometric and sometimes adorned with pearls or rhinestones. If you are perplexed about what they are, they are basically a larger version of a bobby pin often using a “ Paris clip” and sometimes a snapclip to fasten. Worn to secure ”up dos”, as side pins, as a pony holder or as a classy miniature adornment to a pony, a few of our favourites below:


We hope you have fun with your bobbies & barrettes this Spring/ Summer season. Be creative and Enjoy!

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Tania Hird xx

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