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Hair Tutorial: How to wear HairClaws

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Learn how to enhance your style.

Hair Tutorial

Hair Claw Clips are beauty markers from the '90s that have re-emerged in the modern zeitgeist and don’t look like they are going anywhere soon. Alexander Wang put them back on the map when he dressed his runway of models in oversized zinc alloy clips at the Paris Fashion Shows in 2019 and they have been embraced in abundance since by celebrities, influencers and renowned fashionistas.

Hair claws come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and designs which are suited to all different hair types, lengths and textures. From tiny hair claws to pin back your fringe or small section of hair, to oversized hair claws for holding long hair all up at once, we hope this guide helps you to get the most out of your claw clips.

If you are a lover of easy to achieve, easy to manage updos like us, these quick tutorials might just reinvent your Spring/Summer look!


This versatile hair accessory can be used in lots of different ways, to create many hairstyles in any hair type. The classic French pleat or twist is a popular style which can be made smooth for an elegant look, or loose for an effortless casual look. You could use smaller claws to create half-up styles, or a few long-tooth claws to hold buns or top-knots. Mini claws are great for clipping smaller side sections of hair or a fringe or creating a look individual to you. Keep reading for four ways to style your long or short hair, thick and thin using our favourite accessories.

3 ways to style your hair

1. French Pleat/Twist

An elegant hair style which can be done neatly for a sleek look, or left more loose for a more casual style.

  1. Gather your hair at the nape of the neck and twist.

  2. Pull the twist up so it's flat against the back of your head.

  3. Roll the twist under the pocket of hair that forms and tuck in the ends for a neat look.

  4. Secure the claw in the centre, just above the thickest part of the twist.

  5. For a more casual loose look, leave some hair loose around the face and leave the ends of your hair untucked.

Our Favourites

For thick hair, we would recommend using an Oversized Acetate Claw or for a quality metal look try our Oversized Zinc Alloy Claws or our Open Shape Zinc Alloy Claws, electroplated 3 times in colours that compliment your jewellery.

For finer hair, you can still use the Oversized Acetate Claw because our claws are made with flat teeth and are curved to the shape of the head so don't pull or you can choose our Large Acetate Hairclaws with their elegant cut-out design. For a metal look try our Medium Zinc Alloy Lineclaw which sits tight and flat to your head.

2. Half-Up Style

This simple style is perfect for getting your hair off your face!

Simply take the top layers of your hair into a half-ponytail at the back of your head. You can make this as smooth as you would like, and could even twist the hair round a little or plait first . Then just secure with your claw of choice.

Our Favourites

For half-up hair styles, mini and smaller hair claws are perfect for most hair types. If your hair is thick, try our Large Acetate Hairclaws with cut outs or Open Shape Metal Claws as they have greater space inside.

To hold Medium hair or less hair, try Medium Lineclaws or in finer hair types try a Mini Acetate Hair Claw or Mini Lineclaw to hold your half-up hairstyle. These all come in a wide range of unique colours.

3. Bun Using Hair Claws

To create a bun hairstyle, simply twist your hair around into your bun shape and secure with one claw, or a few miniclaws around the outside of the bun. You could position your bun high on your head as a topknot like Bella Hadid often wears, or go for an elegant low bun like Kaia Gerber below.

Our Favourites:

In most hair types, it is best to go for a hair claw with long teeth as this will help you to grasp more hair and keep your hairstyle secure for longer. The thicker or more textured your hair; the larger the claw you will need. You could even use a couple of bigger claws with some mini ones to hold any loose pieces of hair. For fine hair, you could also use mini clips to create this look.

Photo Credit Gerber: Getty Images

4. Twist and Attach

With the resurgence of many minis from plastic butterflies in 2020, to the gorgeous Alexander de Paris 3 set for $75US, we love the creative options. Make a pony, twist until tight, loop up and attach or just adorn with finesse.

Our Favourites:

For a minimal sassy no fuss look we love using Mini Line Claws. For a classic version try our Acetate 3 Packs

Now you have seen a few different ways to use our favourite accessory, we would love to see the styles you make with them! Be sure to share your styles and tag @hairflairaus on Instagram and Facebook.

For personalised recommendations and advice, contact our team and they will be happy to help you find your perfect hair accessory! Our online store is open 24/7 at or find us in store.

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Tania Hird xx

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