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Trend alert: Easy and versatile hairstyles using hair combs!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Side hair combs, back hair combs, half up half down hairstyles! What was once old and so uncool, is new and cool again.

Case in point: The 1980s and 1990s hair claw clips (aka banana clips), snappy clips, scrunchies, ray bans.... and we're thrilled to say, the side hair comb!

Side hair comb hair accessories

More than just nostalgic and stylish, these gorgeous hair accessories are functional too. Perfect for those who've thrown trend to the wind and worn them anyway because you just loved the way they made your hair look, and an absolute "must-have" for those following the trends.

Our electroplated zinc alloy hair combs are cleverly designed with just a minimal line extending past the 13 teeth comb. Available in Gold, Brushed gold, Silver, Brushed Silver, Rose Gold and the gorgeously on trend Hermatitie.

Match whatever accessories you are wearing and have a comb that holds, is durable and doesn't break. Throw your old brittle plastic ones where they belong!

Alternatively, our biocellulose acetate hair combs are stunning, durable and flexible. Made from plant material they bend to hold your hair in place strongly and with class. Produced in various colours and patterns, from Light Turtle, Classic Brown, Dark Tortoise, Black with crystals, and transparent with crystals you can match any occasion.

We LOVE the acetate product so much we have even this week added an XL 23 teeth hair comb just because you asked for it!! Hold any of those flyaways in place!! Now at HairFlair for a fraction of the cost of competitor brands.

Tania Hird x HAIRFLAIR - LOVE YOUR HAIR PS: Subscribe to our mailing list to receive special offers and never miss an update!

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