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2021 Divine Winter Warmers ❄️

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This Winter HairFlair Australia is again gearing up to keep heads fashionable and warm as well as again bringing you warm & luxurious blanket scarves and essential touchscreen gloves. Inspired as always by European and American trends, our expanded winter collection is this year once again bringing to Australia natural fibre blends at an affordable cost.

Whether exercising or out during the day or night the team at HairFlair aim to help you feel and look great! Hope you love our colllection. 💕

Our Favourites:

1. 55%Cashmere, 45% Mulberry Silk Blanket Scarves in the Fashion Pantone colours of 2021

Silk Blanket Scarves

NY and London Annually declare the fashion Pantone colours for the year . in 2021 HairFlair Aus has taken these colours and woven them together either in two tone or ombré style to create the most gorgeous bespoke blanket scarves in cashmere/ mulberry silk ( yes the one with anti-aging properties ) .With our first manufacturing run almost sold out, we are sure you will delight in this collection !

photo of options

"Keep your Ears warm" Essential Knitted Woolblend Headband

"Maintain the Swing” Ontrend Pony Beanie

Don't let anything stop you getting outside for your Mental and Physical health hour. The NY solution for those who want to keep their swing while doing their thing!! Brilliant.

3. Taylor Swift inspired Cable Woolblend Beanie

Top off your outfit with one of our Cable Knit Woolblend Beanies. Inspired by Taylor Swift, our doublelined, wool blend beanies are guaranteed to keep you warm and on trend in the cooler months!

Cable Woolblend Beanie

4. Sumptous "must have" Slouch/cuff Angora Reversible Beanie now also with optional Crystal SnowflaLe

This warm, double lined, soft Angora Beanie might be our most versatile yet. Worn by the likes of Kylie Jenner and our own Margot Robbie, this versatile piece can be worn Slouch to perfection. For those with a longer shape face, the cuff is often a more flattering option - whichever you choose they are flying out the door. And to top off it’s versatility, the cuff can be worn inside out for a two tone subtle Look. WOW !



5. "Subtle" Bling Cashmere Blend Beanie with Rhinestones

Want something that has a subtle WOW but can be worn every day? HairFlair's brand new Premium Cashmere Blend Beanie with Rhinestones is double lined with subtle sparkle and the softness of cashmere without a hefty price tag! What's more, for optimum framing of the face & elegance, the slouch is delicately sewn down European style. Gorgeous!

7. " I've arrived" Premium 70% Angora Beanie & Fur Pom pom

Perhaps not for everyone, but if you are looking for optimal warmth, the Aspen/Val d'sere look and 100% "va va voom", you can go no further than HairFlairs 70% Angora, super fluffy Beanies with Fur Pom poms. When you want elegance, style and the "I've arrived" factor!!

6. "Socialise/work on the run" Touchscreen Gloves

Why freeze your fingers off when you can use your device and keep them covered at the same time? Seven styles & colours to choose from!

7. "Treat Yourself" Two Tone or 100 % Woolen Scarves

Soft, stunning blanket scarfs of 350gm in the most gorgeous of colours. If you love the feel of sumptuous wool loosely draped around your shoulders in the evening or wrapped loosely around your neck these are for you... Forever pieces, but limited numbers available.

100 % wool scarf - soft blue
Premium Virgin 100% Wool Blanket Scarf - soft blue

Our online store is still open 24/7 at We continue to provide you with gorgeous hair accessories and winter woolies.

Clean Hands ~ Contactless Delivery

Your orders will be packed daily and delivered to your mailbox or doorstep.

Tania Hird xx

HairFlair Aus

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