Bucket hats are so 2020!

The bucket hat style was once widely worn by Irish fisherman in the early1900s. Obviously then a functional hat, through history it’s shifted to a chic runway-worthy accessory worn by celebrities, models and fashionistas. Though these hats do go in and out of style they are definitely “ in “ in 2020 . Editors, influencers, and celebs wore them constantly as they took in the shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris . Everyone from Anna Sui, Prada, Eric Javitz to Giorgio Armani have hopped on the bandwagon and featured them on their runways in 2020 . Some of our favourites below

The Leopard Bucket

Kendal Jenner wore this leopard print bucket hat and matching bikini in this mirror selfie and Dior featured one on the runway . Our has an extended brim and is reversible with Black or White. Photo credit @kendaljenner. Shop the Look :

Reversible Leopard Bucket Black

Reversible Leopard Bucket White

The Snake

The Snake Bucket hat, first manufactured by Versace, has graced the heads of many a model and celeb . Ours is Faux snake but just as fun ! Photo credit @gettyimages . Shop the Look:

Faux Snake Bucket Hat

The Extended Brim Bucket

Sora Choi (model) was photographed in this wide brimmed bucket hat outside of the Acne Studios Fall/winter 2020 Show in Paris.

One of our favourites, Our extended brim bucket hat is made from 100% cotton with an extra wide brim to shield your eyes and face from harsh rays!

Photo credit @gettyimages

Shop the look:

Extended Brim Bucket - Black

Extended Brim Bucket - Straw & bow

Extended Brim Bucket - Black, Straw & bow

The Standard Bucket Block colour

From Guess, who partnered with Colombian singer J Balvin to release a line of colorful block colour bucket hats, the block colour standard bucket is being worn by fashionistas the world over . For a fun, two for the price of one look, try our reversible buckets in white/ black, pink/black and grey/ black and for those men out there, like my husband, who can never find a hat to fit, we have added a large 64cm reversible bucket in black/ khaki ! Photo @gettyimages Elsa Hoak Steps out in simple white bucket

Reversible Bucket Pink/Black

Reversible Bucket Grey/Black

Reversble Bucket White/black

Reversible Oversized reversible Bucket black/khaki

White Bucket

The Print bucket

Fendi, amongst others, matched print buckets to their outfits at this years Fashion Weeks. Whilst Fendi opted for army camouflage, HairFlair Aus has also featured nature but more with our Young adults in mind. Adding to our reversible bucket block colour range all our print buckets again have a block reversible side. nb this bucket fits almost everyone from 5 - adult !

Reversible Bucket Green Daisy /Green

Reversible Bucket Pink Daisy /Pink

Reversible Bucket white Daisy/ White

Reversible Bucket yellow Daisy/ yellow

Reversible Back Green leaf/Black

Reversible Bucket Blue leaf/ Black

The Packable Straw Bucket

Not sure the traditional bucket is for you ? Enter Straw. This one comes in all natural straw colour with black bow or with black visor. Either way you can easily work it into any look depending on the occasion. You can wear this fishing with your father at the lake or with a white summer dress to happy hour with the girls. This one is packable so you can easily fold it up into your bag or suitcase. Again with an extended brim which can be worn up or down this one is super SunSmart and travel easy !

Extended Brim Straw Bucket - Natural

Extended Brim Straw Bucket - Black & natural

The Kids Bucket

We love a Bucket hat for kids . Not only are they on trend, they are practical, foldable, seriously SunSmart and easily washable. The terrific news is that our superfun Palm, Daisy and reversible adult buckets fit most older children which is why we added the blue palm bucket to our collection . In addition we have 3-6 year old buckets in block colours and prints. Some examples below. More inshore:

Shop the look : Childrens hats

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Tania Hird xx

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