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Cellulose Acetate Hair Accessories- Why you should opt for quality over quantity!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

At HairFlair Aus, we pride ourselves on our signature line of cellulose acetate hair accessories. Sure, you can find cheaper plastic or acrylic hair accessories in womens fashion stores or the supermarket but we're sure you'll agree that they don't look quality, they are often uncomfortable and they usually break after only a few wears! We love the French designer brands which use cellulose acetate in their hair accessories and sunglasses so we decided to design and manufacture using that material so that our customers can have the quality of cellulose acetate but at an affordable price!

At HairFlair Aus we only use cellulose acetate. HairFlair Aus acetate hair accessories start life as sheets of cellulose acetate made from wood pulp. It is extremely durable, flexible and when polished thick and glossy. It is the flexibility that makes it so perfect for use in the hair . For example, our headbands do not dig into the scalp and mould to the head when worn and our hair combs are flexible and not brittle, so the teeth can be designed closer together for a firmer grip. Our customers with fine hair are amazed that just one haircomb can hold their fine hair all day and the teeth dont snap off! As for the striking colours and wonderful depth of designs you just dont see in plastic or acrylic hair accessories, that occurs because the patterns and colour are created inside each sheet of the cellulose acetate. The design will not scratch off or fade .

Every one of our beautiful hair accessories is designed with comfort in mind. For example, in hair claws, the teeth are designed flat against the head with a slight curve replicating the shape of the head so the claw dosen't pull and cause headaches. Thats why we have such a large number of nurses, teachers and doctors coming back for different styles over and over again .

We know after using them you will never go back to plastic or acrylic. We attach below a few images of some of our winter favourites below:

hair accessories

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Tania Hird xx

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