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7 ways to wear a Beanie successfully in 2023! 🥶

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

You’ve probably guessed right? Beanies are supercool in 2023! That will make some of you estatic but how many of you hold a sneaking doubt that beanies are for you? That you love them but don’t think they shape your face the way you want or won’t give you that quality look? So the HairFlair team thought we would show you some tricks & styles so beanies can be your next favourite look or at least a few options to keep you snug and feeling chic during the winter months ❄️

1. The Slouch

The Slouch look beanie is hipster & fun and is super easy to achieve if your beanie has extra material. Set the slouch back high on your forehead just where the hairline and forehead meet then low at the back over your ears so that the extra material droops at the back. Very much the celebrity model look. Best on : Round, square or pear shaped faces,

Favourite: HairFlairs Angora Blend Slouch/Cuff Beanie - 5 colours- Dark Grey, Light Grey, Red, Pink , White.

a woman wearing a beautiful beanie
a woman wearing a beautiful beanie

2. The Classic

Skullie or traditional Classic (and yes the slouch beanie can be used here too). The Classic look beanie sits half way down the forehead so lower than the slouch. The Skullie is designed with less material to just cover the head whilst the traditional classic beanie has more material but there is less excess at the back because its positioned lower down your forehead.

Why we like this look ? Suits most facial shapes as the level you at which you put the beanie determines your face shape appearance. Also its a little warmer because the material sits closer to the head and keeps it more insulated. 👍

Our Favourite: HairFlairs Woolblend Cable Beanie- 4 colours: Black, Pink, White , Grey

3. The Cuff

The single cuff is exactly as described. Pull the beanie down to just above the eyebrowline then fold it back In one cuff or fold. Play with the size of the cuff to suit, a broader cuff means less material on top!

Why we like the Cuff? Even oval or longer faces can rock the cuff because of the extra horizontal material which widens the look of your facial structure. Our Favourite: Hairflairs Slouch/Cuff Angora Beanies because they have a substantial size cuff that doesn’t look blocky because of the softness of the Angora hair and are reversible for an alternative two tone effect. 3 looks in one as it can also be worn Slouch!

4. The “Sewn down” Slouch

Super classy, current European style. This beanie is actually slouch but is sewn down at the back so to frame the face at the front. What we like: Nothing to do to this one. It can be worn classic or slouch position on your forehead as the slouch doesn’t drag down an oval or longer facial structure.

Our favourite ? HairFlairs Cashmere blend Beanie with Rhinestones - 4 colours available

5. The Fisherman

Allegedly fisherman used to use this style when out on the high seas. Pull the beanie down low over your eyes and fold a small cuff and then another - a double cuff ! Then push it back on the forehead to meet the hairline like the slouch and just over the ears . Great look: If you have shorter hair or bangs - really frames the face.

Our Favourites: The Hairflair cable Woolblend beanie or Angora blend Slouch/cuff Beanie

6. The “ Straight Up” Beanie

The straight up beanie is a favourite of celebs & style setters around the world. It literally is worn best by shaking out your hair and then wearing the beanie with the tip pointed “ straight up”. Pros: You’ll definately stand out in a crowd !!

Our Favourite For this look: the HairFlair Angora Slouch/cuff Beanie because of its warmth, softness, thickness & great colours

Straight Up beanie


7. The “ keep your swing” Pony Beanie

Straight from the streets of New York, the Beanie Pony allows you to keep your swing while you’re “ doing your thing” .

Best Looks: High substantial ponytail

beanie pony

8. The Knitted Headband

if you still don’t believe Beanies are for you, you can avoid cold ears this winter with the “very in” knitted Headband. HairFlair has 9 colours and two styles.

Our Favourite : HairFlairs Cable Woolblend beanie . Also pictured is our “ just in” twisted knitted Headbands- 3 colours available

knitted headbands

Our online store is still open 24/7 at We continue to provide you with gorgeous hair accessories and winter woolies.

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Tania Hird xx

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