7 Easy ways to wear a blanket/large scarf In 2021.

Updated: May 12, 2021

Blanket and large scarves are always fashionable due to the sheer practicality of requiring warmth during the colder months. As you are probably aware, HairFlair offers large gorgeous 100 % lambswool blanket scarves, sublimely soft two tone scarves and has added fine 55%cashmere/ 45% Mulberry silk blanket scarves to our winter collection this year but we wondered how many of you know different ways to wear them. The HairFlair team thought it could be helpful to remind you of some simple styles and hopefully give you a few further options so you can get the most out of your winter scarves this season!

1. Keeping it loose

This is the easiest look to achieve and very elegant if you are wearing a longline coat, a duster or even a vest.

1. Take your large rectangular scarf - you can either fold it several times to make it narrower or just bunch it’s up behind your neck.

2. Put it around the back of your neck and let it hang loosely at the front.

Our Favourites: We love any of HairFlairs two tone Fine Angora range and 100% Lambswool Scarves .


2. Over the shoulder

Along the same concept as “letting it loose” after bunching or folding the large scarf and putting it around your neck, throw one loose end over one shoulder. Voila - that’s it !


3. The Simple Knot.

To achieve this look it’s quite important to either fold or bunch the scarve quite tightly in the beginning to narrow the scarf then: 1. Put it around the back of your neck and let it hang loosely at the front,

2. tie a half knot with the loose ends; and,

2 adjust the height of the knot to your taste and comfort . Try also offsetting the knot so you achieve a more asymmetrical look . Our Favourite : HairFlairs fine two tone Angora scarves as they are fine and easy to knot without becoming bulky. We also love the two tone colour scheme .

4. The Coat - belted or loosestyle.

We love wearing a blanket/ large scarf as a coat as It really does keep you warm and has a soft free elegance often not achieved in a structured coat. This look complements a dress, a tight top or can even be worn around the house for extra warmth. For a variation, clasp the front with a brooch or try a skinny or medium size belt. To achieve this look:

1 Open the scarf right up and wrap it around your shoulders.

2. For the belted option, make sure both ends of the scarf in the front are flat to your body and then fasten your belt to suit. This not only keeps the scarf in place but gives you a waist and is a chic and elegant look.