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7 Easy Multi seasonal ways to wear a large scarf In 2021❄️🌞

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Blanket/ large scarves are always fashionable due to the practicality of requiring warmth during the colder months and for colour & a windbreak during the warmer. HairFlair offers large gorgeous 100% lambswool blanket scarves, sublimely soft two tone scarves multi seasonal fine 55%cashmere, 45% Mulberry silk bespoke multi seasonal blanket scarves & is adding 100% linen scarves to our collection this year!

Like our Cashmere/ Silk scarves our 100% Linen Range is also based on the 2021 Fashion Pantone colours as judged in NY and London. Prepare to dazzle in colours such as Cerelean Blue, Green Ash, Burnt Coral and Ultimate Grey.

So the next question is how to get the most from your scarf ? You are equiped with the gorgeous product, now here are some simple styles to wear them !

1. Keeping it loose

Linen Scarf

This is the easiest look to achieve and very elegant if you are wearing a blouse, a tighter camie, a longline coat, a dress or a light sweater.

1. Take your large rectangular scarf - you can either fold it several times to make it narrower or just bunch it up behind your neck.

2. Put it around the back of your neck & let it hang loosely at the front.

Our Favourites: this style suits any scarf

Linen Scarf
Linen Scarf

Linen Scarf

2. Cowlneck chic

Cowlneck chic

A simple style which most of you will already know, but we think is worth mentioning if only because it forms the basis of the Short knot and Braid styles below. With this look:

1. Put the “cowl” or middle of the scarf at the front; 2. wrap the loose ends around your neck and bring the loose ends back to the front; and,

3. pull out your hair and adjust the cowl/loup so the loose ends fall at the front as you like

Cowlneck chic

3. Over the shoulder

Cowlneck chic

Along the same concept as “letting it loose” after bunching or folding the large scarf and putting it around your neck, throw one loose end over one shoulder. Voila - that’s it !

Cowlneck chic

3. The Simple Knot.

Simple Knot

To achieve this look it’s quite important to either fold or bunch the scarve quite tightly in the beginning to narrow the scarf then: 1. Put it around the back of your neck and let it hang loosely at the front,

2. tie a half knot with the loose ends; and,

3. adjust the height of the knot to your taste and comfort . Try also offsetting the knot so you achieve a more asymmetrical look .

Our Favourite : HairFlairs 55%cashmere /45%mulberry silk scarves and 100% linen Scarves as they are fine and easy to knot without becoming bulky & produce a gorgeous bespoke two tone effect!

Simple Knot

2. The Coat - belted or loosestyle.

The coat

We love wearing a blanket/ large scarf as a coat as It really does keep you warm and has a soft free elegance often not achieved in a structured coat. This look complements a dress, a tight top or can even be worn around the house for extra warmth. For a variation, clasp the front with a brooch ( or try a skinny or medium size belt.

To achieve this look:

1 Open the scarf right up and wrap it around your shoulders.

2. For the belted option, make sure both ends of the scarf in the front are flat to your body and then fasten your belt to suit. This not only keeps the scarf in place but gives you a waist and is a chic and elegant look.


6. The Short knot

A variation on the Cowlneck, we like this one when you want to minimise the bulk of the blanket scarf and make it look lighter and shorter . To achieve this look follow the above steps 1-3 in "Cowl" neck and then:

4. Tie the loose ends in a 1/2 knot and adjust to the height you like .

5. You can sit the 1/2 knot on top of the cow or hide it underneath, Experiment with each to see which look you prefer. Both are chic and elegant. NB : Works very well with finer blanket scarves like our 55% Cashmere 45 % Mulbery silk and 100% linen versions

7. The Braid


This is probably the most complicated but not hard to do at all so persevere as it looks more difficult than it is! Another variation on the Cowlneck and which also makes a blanket or large scarf look lighter and shorter. To achieve this look follow the Cowlneck steps 1-3 and then;

4. Keep the cow/loop in the shape of a circle;

5. take one loose side and bring it underneath and through the loop and let it hang; and

6. take the other loose side and bring it over and through the loop and let it hang.

7. Adjust to suit

8. The Double Knot

double knot

An absolute favourite of ours underneath a long coat or jacket or wear a finer scarf cravat style. This one provides a lot of neck, chin and even nose warmth in winter and brings immediate colour to ones complexion whatever the season yet minimises the bulk underneath your jacket, jumper or coat. To achieve this look;

1. Make the scarf narrower by folding or bunching together lengthwise;

2. fold it in half at the middle;

3. take the loop end with one hand and loose ends with the other, centre the scarf at the back of your neck and bring the two ends to the front; and

3. pull the loose ends through the loop and down to suit.

We hope that has reminded you of or clarified a few different looks for you and perhaps added some styles for you to experiment with for this season and the next!

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Linen Handwoven Scarves

Tania Hird xx

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