7 Easy Multi seasonal ways to wear a large scarf In 2021❄️🌞

Blanket/ large scarves are always fashionable due to the practicality of requiring warmth during the colder months and for colour & a windbreak during the warmer. HairFlair offers large gorgeous 100% lambswool blanket scarves, sublimely soft two tone scarves multi seasonal fine 55%cashmere, 45% Mulberry silk bespoke multi seasonal blanket scarves & is adding 100% linen scarves to our collection this year! Like our Cashmere/ Silk scarves our 100% Linen Range is also based on the 2021 Fashion Pantone colours as judged in NY and London. Prepare to dazzle in colours such as Cerelean Blue, Green Ash, Burnt Coral and Ultimate Grey.

So the next question is how to get the most from your scarf ? You are equiped with the gorgeous product, now here are some simple styles to wear them !

1. Keeping it loose

This is the easiest look to achieve and very elegant if you are wearing a blouse, a tighter camie, a longline coat, a dress or a light sweater.

1. Take your large rectangular scarf - you can either fold it several times to make it narrower or just bunch it up behind your neck.

2. Put it around the back of your neck & let it hang loosely at the front.

Our Favourites: this style suits any scarf

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2. Cowlneck chic

A simple style which most of you will already know, but we think is worth mentioning if only because it forms the basis of the Short knot and Braid styles below. With this look:

1. Put the “cowl” or middle of the scarf at the front; 2. wrap the loose ends around your neck and bring the loose ends back to the front; and,

3. pull out your hair and adjust the cowl/loup so the loose ends fall at the front as you like


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3. Over the shoulder

Along the same concept as “letting it loose” after bunching or folding the large scarf and putting it around your neck, throw one loose end over one shoulder. Voila - that’s it !

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