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Best hair accessories for when you travel

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Having my own women's hair accessory company means I am super lucky when it comes to preparing for an upcoming holiday, as so little forward planning is necessary.

Best hair accessories for when you travel, Tania Hird HairFlair

I've realised I have ways of managing my long hair with little fuss when I am travelling, especially with four (active!) kids! I also have some really handy travel hair accessories I wouldn't leave home without.

I do have lots of women ask me what I take with me hair accessory wise when I holiday, so thought I'd share with you my favourite travel hair accessories and my top tips for the perfect vacay.

My favourite travel hair accessories:

1. Metal and acetate hair claws

Given the recent trend back to hair claw clips (aka the banana clip), it's so easy to hold my hair up in a hair claw when out of the water. And still looks stylish when going straight to lunch, dinner or a bar in the evening.

Women's hair accessories hair claws Melbourne

2. No dent hair coils In windy situations when in and out of the water like boat outings, sailing, snorkelling, fishing, etc., I find a braid or a pony tail using a no dent hair coil works perfectly!

a woman in the pool

3. Hair ties

Love love these 'kind on your hair' hair ties. They give a bit of bling in your hair but also look cute on your wrist when you need to let your hair down.

I take several packs of different styles and colours so I can match them to whatever I am wearing. They add some fun when hiking, jogging, swimming, jumping off rocks, bike riding, surfing, or doing just about anything outdoors really!

a woman in a kayak

4. Hair barrettes When time isn't pressured, I love a blow-waved coiffured look. But who wants to spend their precious time doing their hair on holidays right?!

So I always take a couple of hair barrettes for high or low pony tails, as well as some metal and acetate hair claws and hair combs, for an effortless stylish look. Loving the light turtle pattern at the moment, so that will absolutely get a run on my next trip!

hair barrette

I just love to travel, explore new places and enjoy a change from the 'norm'.

My top tips for the perfect vacay:

1. Experience things outside your day to day.

2. Enjoy quality time with friends and family.

3. And most importantly, have fun!!

Cant wait for the next one!! Would love to here some of your top travel tips. Email me here to get in touch.

Tania Hird x HAIRFLAIR - LOVE YOUR HAIR PS: Subscribe to our mailing list to receive special offers and never miss an update!

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